I found my dream wedding dress only to be told I looked like a ‘linebacker’ and a ‘mop'

NO bride wants to be told she looks like an American Football player or a cleaning tool while wedding dress shopping – but for one unlucky woman that’s exactly what happened.

Bride-to-be Alisha Brock appeared on the show Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, where she was left in tears at the harsh criticism she faced from her present friends and family.

The first moment of awkwardness for Alisha arrives when her mother, Sandra, attempts to steamroll the appointment, suggesting dresses that Alisha doesn’t really like but still has to try on to please her mum.

“She knows everything and she wants it her way or no way,” Alisha says in an aside. Her father, Sandra’s ex-husband agrees with this sentiment, saying “if it’s not her way she’s going to throw conflict in it.”

The first dress Alisha tries on is one that has been picked out by her dad. Alisha, and her bridal consultant both like the choice, with Alisha describing the dress as “beautiful.”

However, with the exception of her dad, her friends and family don’t quite agree with her description. 

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“It’s not her” says Sandra when asked for her opinion, adding “I don’t know what Alisha’s dad’s thinking, it was too much dress for Alisha’s taste.”

To make matters worse, one of Alisha’s bridesmaids laughs and says “she looks like a linebacker!” With another friend adding, “she does look like a linebacker.”

Owner of the dress boutique Lori, and fashion consultant Monte, are both incensed by this comment, with Lori, in an aside saying: “Are you kidding me? You can not think of another word but linebacker? That’s offensive.”

“You can’t compare a bride to  a football player,” adds Monte, “that’s a foul, a penalty, y’all know what I’m talking about.”


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As she heads back to the fitting room, Alisha breaks down in tears over these comments.

The next dress she tries on is one picked out by her mum, with Alisha adding that it’s not the right dress for her, nevertheless as it is her mum’s pick she goes out to show her friends and family.

Being shown the dress on her daughter, Sandra says “okay maybe it looked better on the mannequin,” adding “ball gowns are pretty on a lot of people, just not her.”

Adding to criticism one of Alisha’s friends adds, “you look like a walking doily” with the same friend continuing, “you look like a mop, a walking mop with a head.”

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“There’s honest and there’s mean, and mean might mean I show them the door,” threatens Lori, who is not best pleased at the bridal entourage’s behaviour.

The third dress tried on by Alisha is the one she truly loves, and luckily this time her friends and family feel the same way.

Both mum and dad agree that she looks beautiful in the dress, with Alisha adding that wearing it is the first time she’s felt beautiful in her life.

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