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A TIKTOK user has shared the crazy lengths she underwent to catch her cheating boyfriend in the act, and people are loving it.

The woman went viral for the insane story that ended with her catching her cheating boyfriend off guard and with a few new book recommendations.

Some people would deal with a cheating partner internally, but instead, Michelle got even.

TikTok user Michelle, who goes by @michellefromsomewhere on the platform, shared a candid story about how she confronted her boyfriend when he cheated on her.

Dealing with a betrayal in a relationship is usually never easy, but Michelle's method of handling it has since gone viral.

Appropriately captioned, "Lost a man gained some book recs," Michelle's video details the audacious online sleuthing that led her to a face-to-face encounter with the cheater – which has made her an icon online.


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In the video, Michelle can be seen applying an absence amount of brown lipstick around her lips as she wears dark grey and black eyeshadow caked around her eyes and eyelids – all to play up that her story is a bit insane.

In the background, the song Crazy by Patsy Cline plays.

She mouths along to the word "crazy"as she looks at the camera and continues rubbing the lipstick all over her lips.

The intense make-up and song choice are visual and auditory aids that only intensify the hilarity of her story about how she got revenge on the man she was dating.

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So how did she get the last laugh?

After finding out about the disloyalty, Michelle tells viewers that she used her online detective skills to find the Facebook profile for the mother of the woman with whom he cheated.

She befriended the mom and joined her book club.

Joining the group gave her an opportunity to be inside the older woman's home for book club events.

It was one of these auspicious occasions that provided Michelle with the chance to catch her ex in the cheating act.

While she was attending the book club at the other woman's mother's house, she was there when the other woman came over and brought him inside.

We can only imagine the shock and surprise on his face after she pulled the power move.

Michelle wrote in the comments of the video that the awkward moment left him "very quickly completely single."

Apparently, the girl and her mother were also in on the scheme.

She also wrote that she decided to turn the experience into a book.

Commenters on the video reacted comically to the situation, and many praised her for her creativity and inner strength to do such a thing.

"How did her mother react though? The biggest scandal that book club ever had," one viewer commented.

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"Crazy. I think you mean resourceful/cunning/incredibly smart," another added.

"This is queen energy! The commitment, the patience. I hope he did NOT keep his cool," another wrote in support.

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