I gave into my toddler and let her wear heels to nursery – she quickly changed her mind as it was a disaster | The Sun

GROWING up, we all insisted that we knew better than our parents – and this one toddler is no exception.

According to TikTok user Brooklynn (@queenbstyles_llc), from the US, one of her young daughters demanded she wore heels to nursery – but it didn't go to plan.

After arriving to nursery, Brooklynn opened the car door for both of her kids, the youngest of whom stepped outside rocking pink heels.

Once she had successfully managed to get her feet in the glamorous footwear, she started making her way to greet her teachers… very slowly.

Rather than lifting her feet up, the little fashionista was dragging them in order to move forward.

Of course, Brooklynn was in hysterics and was filming the amusing scene.

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Unfortunately for the child, this proved to be a challenge, as the pavement was uneven and she was in a severe need of help.

However, not even a few steps later, the trendy girl lost her balance, tripping over and landing on her bum.

As Brooklyn and the daughter's sister was chuckling in the background, the kid was sat there trying to remove all the dirt from her hands.

Sharing the funny footage on TikTok, Brooklyn revealed she had fortunately come prepared for the disaster.

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''I had to pack her back ups cause I knew it wasn’t gon last.''

According to the mum, she had tried telling her daughter it wouldn't be a good idea – but she insisted on wearing them.

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''Ain’t think it was gon go down like that.''

In stitches, social media users flocked to comments to share their thoughts and stories.

One chuckled: ''oh man my niece also all day long tripping All over the place but not giving up on those.''

Another mum added: ''My son was wearing his cousins heels and did the same thing.''

Someone else had a less fortunate experience: ''This reminds me of when I was maybe 7-8 n had those sneaker wedges n BEGGED my mom to let me wear em to school .. sprained my ankle same day.''

''My little sister fell down a whole flight of stairs wearing them one time,'' a TikTok fan commented.

''she looked back like you pushed her,'' another noted.

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The clip has left the social media fans in hysterics, racking up a whopping million views since filming.

Did you ever insist on wearing heels to school? Let us know.

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