I got a salon treatment to sort my locks & it was a big mistake… my hair snapped so much I needed a wig & that's not all | The Sun

A WOMAN had to resort to wearing a wig after a professionally done keratin treatment at a salon went horribly wrong.

TikTok user Chelsie shared the horrific story after embarking on a mission to both lose weight and improve the state of her hair at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But whilst the former was a success and Chelsie, from Australia, shed 5.5 stone, the hair transformation soon turned into a nightmare.

To keep it healthy, the young beauty fanatic decided to book an appointment at a professional salon for a keratin treatment.

This, she believed, would give her locks a protein boost and rebuild some of the damage, as well as add shine.

However, right after the treatment, Chelsie noticed the once healthy hair was anything but silky smooth.


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''It looked so stringy […], I was freaking out,'' she showed the hair-rific damage in a video shared on TikTok.

At first, the Aussie didn't think much of it and even found the fail hilarious.

''I made jokes to deal with it – even thinking I looked like the lead singer of Flock of Seagulls or better yet – […] a troll doll.''

After going back and forth with the salon, as well as dying her locks both copper and dark, Chelsie realised that, unfortunately, the hair was as damaged as before.

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Looking back at the mortifying story, she now wished she had shaved it all off at that point and started fresh.

But instead, Chelsie had another expert spend a whopping 2.5 hours cutting off the fried ends.

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Over time, she grew quite fond of the look – which even turned into a mullet at some point.

But the stress and trauma caused by the incident caused her locks to fall out and the Aussie forked out for a wig.

''I resisted for a long time – I hated that I felt so ugly that I needed to cover my hair.

''It was an extremely emotional process and for the first time in weeks I looked like who I used to be.''

Now, years after the tragic appointment, Chelsie has regular haircuts to remove any fried ends and even tried the so-called bleach bath to help achieve the perfect colour.

But whilst she feels better with the new colour, the Aussie woman revealed the journey was far from over.

''I still hate it, I've never felt more ugly in my life.

''The most devastating thing about this experience was the owner's disregard and lack of caring.

''To traumatise someone, to steal their goals, to make another hairdresser fix your mistakes and have no guilt – it's absolutely disgusting.''

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Cheslie went on to add in the caption: ''It's so funny, you never realised just how important hair is to you, it's part of your identity and when it's gone, taken from you without your control you started to crumble.

''it will probably take another 2 years before it returns to the length that it was before.''

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