I got a tattoo of a batman cat & regretted it immediately – but everyone else has fallen in love with the unique inking | The Sun

FOR anyone who has ever got a tattoo, you’ll know it’s got to be something that you’re dead set on.

But one person found that out the hard way when they got the inking they thought they wanted – and ended up regretting it and starting the removal process.

The tattoo fan decided to brave it and got a unique cat wearing a Batman costume inked on their body.

But once the simple black and white design inspired by the superhero character was finished, it seems it didn’t live up to their expectations.

A few months on, they posted a snap of their tat in a Reddit thread dedicated to ‘bad tattoos’.

Alongside their design, they wrote: “Batman Cat that I got last year.

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“Now in the process of a cover up.”

However, after they revealed their plans to delete the artwork from their body once and for all, other tattoo fans waded in to have their say.

And they were pretty much unanimous in their opinion.

They were quick to say that they loved the cute character and that the person should keep it.

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One Reddit user wrote: “Stop, this is a work of art.”

Another was in agreement as they added: “Noooo, don’t destroy this, he’s perfect in every way.”

While a third commented: “I think it’s kind of cute to be honest.”

They added: “It has its charm.”

Another person joined in the ongoing debate as they revealed they loved the quirkiness of the design.

One said: “I’m obsessed with him.”

Another echoed their thoughts, as they typed: “This is actually pretty great!”

A third chimed in: “Stop, I love him!”

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While someone else summed up the whole thread’s comments when they said: “I’m kind of smitten with this kitten.”

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