I got Christmas dinner for 6 from Aldi for £15 – it was delicious & you can't tell it's not from a posh supermarket | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared how she managed to get an entire Christmas dinner for six people for just £15 from Aldi.

Savvy shopper Lucy shared her find via a video on TikTok, where she is known as @rightguysreview and often shares budget meal ideas.

Opening the video, Lucy said: "I'm outside Aldi – let's go and see what Christmas dinner meal I can come up with for £15 or under."

The budgeting pro then entered the supermarket and headed straight to the meat aisle.

"People have all different meats for Christmas," she said, "but I think we're gonna choose two here."

Lucy opted for a £2.99 gammon steak and chicken and stuffing, which cost £3.49 both of which she found in the shop's freezer section.

She then added some Brussels sprouts to her trolley which were priced at 95p.

"It isn't Christmas dinner without sprouts", she quipped.

Lucy also added some 33p carrots, 65p parsnips and 69p potatoes to her trolley.

The bargain hunter then placed some 45p stuffing, £2.15 cauliflower cheese, £1.99 pigs in blankets and 70p flour to make Yorkshire puddings into her trolley.

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Lucy then headed to the till, where she was informed that her shopping had come to £14.49.

She said: "Amazing deal. All under £15. It probably could have been cheaper if you only wanted to use one joint of meat."

Lucy then headed to the kitchen to cook up her bargain Christmas feast.

After plating it up to serve it to her family. she said: "These are massive portions. This would have easily fed six, maybe even eight people if you've got the kids as well.

"This just goes to show that if you buy everything separately instead of as a meal deal it looks so much better, there's so much more food and its taste's delicious."

TikTok users rushed to the video's comments section to praise Lucy for her bargain find.

One user said: "Amazing! So much better than those frozen meal deals."

Another user said: "Fabulous bargain – you could definitely feed eight people there. Well done."

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