I had my daughter when I was young & massively regret the name I gave her – it sounds like what you’d call a pet or doll | The Sun

CHOOSING a baby name is a big decision and you could be left regretting your choice for life if you make a mistake.

This was exactly the case for one woman who said she had her daughter when she was “young” and picked a name that sounds like it should be for a “pet or doll”.

What’s worse is that the nurse registering the name spelled it wrong so now it’s got an apostrophe in an unusual place.

TikTok user Katelyn Quintanilla explained how her daughter ended up being called “Khloe’e”.

On her @kayteaque account, she wrote: “I had my daughter at 21.

“There is nothing wrong with having kids at that age but sometimes when you have kids on the younger side you end up naming them how you would name a baby doll or pet.

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“I named my daughter Khloe’e.”

She shared how she had picked Khloe with a K because it would start with the same letter as her own.

The mum continued: “I still stand by that decision but here’s where it gets a little weird.

“In some lame attempt at being quirky and original I ended up giving her two ‘e’s.

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“It’s not the worst thing in the world but it gets worse.”

For a bit of “extra spiciness” she decided to give her daughter’s name an accent.

Katelyn said: “When I filled out her paperwork for her birth certificate I put the accent in there.

“I made sure that I told the nurse that I gave the information to that that was an accent and it needed to be on there.

“She had no idea how to put an accent on a letter while using a computer so instead of leaving it blank she ends up using an apostrophe.”

Her video has racked up 888,000 likes and people rushed to the comments.

One said: “Please change it to Chloe. For her.”

Another added: “imagine your name being a typo.”

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