I had my kids at 16 & 17 so PLEASE be nice about their names – it’s not what I'd pick now, but at least they’re unique | The Sun

A MUM who had her kids aged 16 and 17 has urged people to be kind about the names she gave them.

Teen mum Breanna often gets questions from people about becoming a parent so young, with one person recently asking what she'd called her kids.

She responded in a video on her TikTok page, as she wrote: "Be nice cos I named them at 16 & 17!"

She then revealed she'd named her daughter Cyanna and her son Kaiyzen.

Despite her pleas to be nice, trolls were still out in force in the comments section, with one writing: "Probably the worst names I've ever heard!"

"Oh, what the…?" another added.

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As a third wrote: "It's not unique or quirky. Poor kids."

To which Breanna replied: "So when they aren’t unique or quirky it’s 'poor kids', but when they are unique and quirky it’s still 'poor kids'?

"Lol okay."

Others defended Breanna, with one writing: "Kaiyzen is adorable.

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"Cyanna is definitely kinda odd but not bad I’ve heard some crazy names."

"They are beautiful unique names, i woulda never thought of them," another added.

As a third said: "I was honestly expecting a lot worse. These are beautiful names!"

"Do you regret their names now?" someone else asked, with Breanna replying in another video.

"My decisions will haunt me forever," she captioned the clip.

Before writing over the video: "Well, I was 16 and 17 when I named my kids.

"My style has changed a bit but my biggest complaint about their names is that I should've named them what I originally wanted to, instead of worrying about others' thoughts."

People then flocked to the comments on that video, with one writing: "Totally fair!!

"There is so much pressure from other people when it comes to naming your baby!"

"I’ve seen a lot of people say this recently, it’s totally valid!" another added.

"I had so much pressure about mybaby's name, I’m so glad I went with my gut!"

"My brother named his daughter lavendar, everyone hated it but she honestly suits it," a third wrote.

"She's 4 now and hates any nicknames given to her."

"Named my daughter Melodie," someone else said.

"Family hated it.

"But they’ve grown. The name definitely suits her."

"I felt the wishing you named them what you wanted," another admitted.

"My son was going to be Bellamie and I absolutely loved it but family bullied the name so we changed."

As someone else wrote: "My oldest daughter's name is Coraline and EVERYONE asks if I regret it.

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"Absolutely not.

"I still think it's awesome and so does she!"

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