I have a plus-size body with an apron belly – trolls say I'm 'built like a chicken drumstick' but I refuse to cover up | The Sun

A PLUS-SIZE woman who's doing her best to "normalise all body types" constantly battles cruel comments from trolls.

Lindsey isn't afraid to show off her curves by posing in her underwear in videos and pictures online, and hopes to represent women with similar body shapes in doing so.

"I don't have the 'ideal' plus size body type and I don't cover it up," she wrote over a recent Instagram Reel of herself, which started with her in a black bra and knickers.

"But there's a lot of girlies and women who need to see themselves represented.

"And see what clothing items would look like them and not the 'ideal' body type."

As for the trolls, Lindsey continued: "There's a lot of people who don't want to see me on social media and have me appear on their feeds

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"But I post even louder for them. Normalise all body types!"

She added in the caption: "I’m here for the girlies that never see themselves online.

"I’m here for the girlies that never see themselves in ads. I’m here for the girlies who like to show their bodies.

"I’m here for girlies that want to cover it up.

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"When I get hate, I post LOUDER to make sure you can hear what I’m saying."

Despite her remarks about trolls, they were still active as they had their say in the comments section of the post.

"Built like a chicken drumstick," one rudely wrote.

"If you lost all this weight and kept the skin you could probably fly like a flying squirrel," another commented.

"That would be so cool and you’d totally go viral online!"

"Delete your account and eat salad," a third urged.

"Obesity is not healthy for the body."

"Obesity is not okay," someone else wrote.

"I will never understand why people are trying to normalize this body shape.

"It's not healthy. Obesity can cause death.

"It's not just about people 'hating' on you. Or people just not 'liking fat people'.

"GET HEALTHY. Do it for your kids."

"You aren’t a role model," another blasted.

While someone else said: "McDonald’s isn’t the only edible thing on the planet."

However, others praised Lindsey for standing up for herself and doing her best to represent all body shapes.

"Your videos truly make me smile so huge every time I see them," one wrote.

"You have such a strong comforting energy radiating off of you and I can't tell you how much it means to me to see you be unapologetically yourself.

"Thank you for all that you do!"

"Yessssss love it!!!! I have a similar body shape," another commented.

"So beautiful omg!!!!" a third wrote.

"Don’t listen to those haters."

"These comments are disgusting," someone else raged.

"You are freaking gorgeous!!!!!!!

"Thank u for being real,raw, and unfiltered because natural beauty is a blessing."

"Thank you!! Bc we all don’t have the bubble butts and flat stomachs," another commented.

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"And don’t want surgeries. I applaud you.

"You are natural and not ashamed!!!"

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