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A BUSTY TikToker has listed her picks for the most flattering necklines for women with lots to offer in the chest department.

Vanessa modeled five different styles, all inspired by a Euphoria fan-favorite character.

Vanessa noted that she has a similar body type to Sydney Sweeney, who plays Cassie on the HBO mega-hit.

So to outline which necklines look best on bigger busts, she showed images of Cassie wearing them in the show – then modeled them herself.

Her first pick was a U-neckline, a rounded shape that is typically wider than a scoop neckline.

She illustrated with a still of Cassie in a pink dress in season one, episode eight, then showed a more casual T-shirt on herself.

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Next up was a V-neckline, illustrated on Cassie with a blue crop top sweater in season two, episode three.

Vanessa modeled the look herself with a top from Zara.

Vanessa also showed off a sweetheart neckline, modeling a polka-dot H&M top and showing Cassie in a buckled crop top in season one, episode four.

Second-to-last on her list was a straight or square neckline, followed by a blouse with a knot over the chest.

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In another video, Vanessa pointed to some styles that bigger-busted women should be cautious with.

She warned to be wary of crop tops, which can easily pull up over your breasts if you raise your arms.

Also problematic are tops that "assume where your [breasts] sit, like with lines and seams.

She's also not a fan of turtlenecks and suggested balancing big breasts out by showing collarbone.

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