I love being a 'thick girl' but there are some unexpected downsides in summer – our jeans tear in the weirdest places | The Sun

A CURVACIOUS woman who relishes her thick body has revealed that it's not all a bed of roses having a shape like hers.

She said there were some unexpected downsides, especially in the summer when jeans can tear in the weirdest of places.

But she didn't look like she was going to let it get her down.

Instead, Yvette's (@iamyvetteperez) reaction was to smile widely and do a shimmy shammy.

It was a typical response from this young Mexican lady who lives in Tampa, Florida.

Her platform is populated by many videos of her doing similar dance moves.

She has a popular online presence, with over 137,000 followers and another 947,000 likes.

In this post, she posited a statement about thick girls' summer woes.

“Girls love being thick until….” she said.

Then she said it.

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“We sweat between our thighs during summer."

There were other consequences of having thick thighs, she wrote.

“Our thighs rub together and make holes in our jeans."

Even putting on a pair of denims posed its own challenges.

“We have to jump to put our jeans on," she joked.

“A lot of guys try to spit game at you," she said. "It’s like all the guys trying to hit on you or trying to get with you.”

Finally, clothes shopping could be frustrating.

“We shop online but the clothes don’t fit you as expected," she despaired.

She rounded her post off with a plea: “Where my thick girls at?”

Her video has piqued a lot of interest, with over 42,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

Many of the comments related to her thick girl problems.

This lady listed another downside to being thick of figure.

“Sweat under our stomachs. I have that struggle, especially the struggle with jeans. I don’t wear jeans anymore.”

Similarly, this viewer agreed with all of them: “Girl you just listed all my pet peeves. I hate when all those happen.”

“We’re lucky if we find jeans that fit perfectly," moaned another.

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She excited the senses of some fans, however. “A whole goddess," gushed one.

The final comment made his declaration very clear: “My TikTok crush," he said.

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