I love seasonal decor – my easy DIY transforms cheap plastic Jack-o-Lantern pails into more elegant pieces | The Sun

THE spooky season is almost upon us and one Halloween fan has spun her own piece of magic in the run-up to the big day.

She has transformed some cheap plastic Jack-o-Lantern pails into something far more elegant.

Her plastic pumpkin makeover has delighted her fans.

“Love how you turn something so average into something interesting," was a comment typical of many more to Cherish Larsen's post (@cherishlarsen).

This creative lady has over 129,000 followers, who regularly tune into her ideas for: “Seasonal décor, easy recipes, [and] style.”

In her video, Cherish demonstrated just how she did it, and it was super-easy.

“DIY pumpkin pails Halloween décor idea," she said, beaming brightly.

Cherish considers Halloween to be an opportunity for some light-heartedness.

"I don’t get into all the dark, spooky stuff," she said.

“When it comes to Halloween décor like to keep it fun, family-friendly, or even pretty and elegant."

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First, she gathered together some pumpkin pails.

Then, mixing together three different color paints, she decorated them in a warm creamy color.

She used black for the eyes, mouth, and nose

That was it. All there was left to do was to "hot glue them to the stands."

Once in position, she added her own floral display.

There was a huge reaction to her arty post attracting over 185,000 likes.

Commenters loved her idea.

“Okay, I like this. People need to be creative with Halloween. This is goals, nice work girlie," said one person.

“So cute. Absolutely adorable and such a great idea. I can’t wait to try it," promised another.

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