I made £500 in TWO HOURS at a car boot – I got the most from stuff I was going to bin, here’s what to sell to rake it in | The Sun

IMAGINE being able to make a small fortune in just two hours, all while selling things from your home that you were simply going to throw in the bin. 

It turns out that really could be a reality, as one woman has shared her top tips and tricks of how she made £500 at a recent car boot sale – and you can too. 

TikTok account @sholasellsonline shared her experience of going to a car boot and her selling tactics. 

She explained to her followers “This is your sign to go to a car boot sale. Me and my mum made just under £500 in two hours of work.

“It was super early, we put the rubbish bits on the floor that we didn’t want, but they made the most money.

“The newer bits we put on the table. A lot of this stuff I got for free, or for a really low cost, so it made sense to do a car boot.”

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The social media user then shared her insider tips of how they managed to maximise their profit.

@sholasellsonline said the first step is to sort the items you’re selling into two different piles, including those that you don’t think will sell on the floor and the products you consider better higher up on a table. 

She explained: “The bits I would have chucked in the bin made me the most.”

Her second big tip was to “go with someone who has no shame” as @sholasellsonline showed a clip of her mum shouting to attract attention to their products.

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She added: “Let them shout” as she also joked she had “third hand embarrassment.”

@sholasellsonline also said that you have to keep your eyes open and always check the notes you are handed after a sale to ensure no fakes. 

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The TikTok user then said that if you have new clothes with tags on, you should prioritise these as they will sell very quickly.

In the comment section, she told one of her followers: “It will get snatched up! You wouldn’t even be there an hour.”

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