I made the ultimate Christmas sausage rolls – they're oozing with brie and cranberry but so easy to make | The Sun

IF you’re a foodie and can’t get enough of sausage rolls, you’ve seen nothing yet.

That’s because one keen cook has shared her recipe for the “most elite snack” this festive season – a brie and cranberry stuffed sausage roll.

And the best news is it’s so easy to make as it takes just minutes.

TikTok user Chloe, whose profile is @chlo_fitx, posted a recipe video on her account, as she went through the method step by step.

First, she took some pre-rolled puff pastry and laid it out on her kitchen counter. 

Next, take a jar of either shop bought or homemade cranberry sauce and put a generous layer onto the pastry.

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Spread it out, before adding the layer of sausage meat, making sure most of the case is covered.

Then it’s time for the last layer – this time of sliced brie.

The penultimate step is to roll the pastry and all the ingredients tightly, ensuring nothing spills out.

Once this is done, slice into even pieces – which she calls her “brie & cranberry sausage wheels”.

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Lay face down on a baking tray, making sure none of the pieces overlap.

Bake until the sausage meat is fully cooked through and the pastry golden brown. 

Chloe then showed how they looked when they were ready, as she laid them out on a wooden serving board.

And it wasn’t long before everyone was raving about her culinary creation.

In fact, many said they’d be jumping on the bandwagon and making them for them and their loved ones this Christmas. 

One commented: “I think I’m gonna change the way I do my sausage rolls now to this.”

Another said: “WOW.”

While a third wrote: “These look amazing, can’t wait to make them myself.”

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And a fourth added: “I'm making these now.”

Others described them as looking “tasty” and “great.”

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