I never realised how tight my boyfriend was until we spent a weekend at his parents – I was stunned by his charges | The Sun

A WOMAN has taken to TikTok to share how her money-tight boyfriend sent her an INVOICE after a weekend away at his parents’ house. 

Maddy, known online as @maddyblythe, regularly shares money-saving tips with her 16,300 followers. 

But in a new video, the 26-year-old shares how she discovered what her partner was really like with money – after he sent her a bill for a banana and a piece of toast. 

“Okay, I’m starting a series called ‘Men Are Weird With Money’ because oh my god I have so many stories. 

“Let’s start with my ex-boyfriend. So we dated for three years, okay, and I met his family once during that time. 

“They lived in a different city, it was hard to see them. 


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“So we traveled to see them and of course, like the good guest that I am, I brought a little gift basket, brought some wine, brought some nice soaps, candles, whatnot because I was going to be staying at his mum’s house for a couple of days. 

“The trip was fine, we mostly did our own thing but we did eat with the mum for dinner one night and for breakfast one morning. 

“Me and my boyfriend ended up paying for that dinner because it was a little bti expensive and we wanted to treat his mum. 

“So whatever, all is good. We get home from the trip and a few days later I get an email from my boyfriend that had an Excel document in it. 

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“The Excel doc was all of our shared expenses from the trip, which was fine. That’s how we normally did things. 

“But I did notice there was one line in the Excel document that I was kind of confused about, and the line just said ‘Breakfast’ for $3.23.

“So I asked him, ‘hey, what’s this $3.23 for breakfast?’ 

“And he looks at me deadpan and goes, ‘oh well that’s for the banana and piece of toast that you ate at my mum’s’. 

“Excuse me, sir? 

“He’s like, ‘yeah, well you ate that so, you know, you owe me and my mum money’. 

“This man was dead ass trying to charge me for a banana and a piece of Wonder Bread. 

“And I paid it. I gave him the $3.23.”

Maddy’s video attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 92,000 likes and 870,000 views. 

In the comments, her followers shared their reactions to her boyfriend’s invoice, with one writing: “how did you not break up with him on the spot?”

Another said: “The fact you were okay getting a bill in spreadsheet format from your bf?”

A third added: “I would never be able to sleep with that man again.”

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Someone else put: “That is madness.. With that $3.23 you could have gotten your own loaf and a bunch of bananas.”

Maddy replied: “I asked how he calculated it and he said ‘it just seemed fair’.”

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