I ordered a posh dress online – I think I got the measurements wrong but people say it’s more than that | The Sun

MOST people think they know how to shop online – but there's always a risk.

And one woman was left stunned when she ordered a posh occasional dress – only for it to look completely different from what was advertised.

A TikToker was left disappointed when she finally got her hands on the tailor-made dress.

Delivia, ordered the dress online and gave her measurements to the company.

But it seemed that getting the measurements wrong wasn't the worse thing about it.

She showed what the dress was advertised like online in a short clip – and what actually turned up.


I ordered dress online & am stunned by what arrived- it looked NOTHING like pics

I’m a gran & was stunned after buying a sun dress & the design looked VERY rude

The initial beige dress came in a floor-length bodycon fit with glistening gold threading and off-the-shoulder sleeves.

But what arrived in the post looked nothing like the dress in the image.

The dress turned up in a hot pink colour and yellow gold embellishments.

And it definitely did not fit her measurements.

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I’m a gran & was stunned after buying a sun dress & the design looked VERY rude


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"This is wickedness, as if they didn’t take my measurement," she captioned the viral video.

But viewers believed the measurements were the least of her worries.

One wrote: "The measurements are the least of what’s going on here!!!"

Another commented: "EVERYTIME I look at the picture, I see something new! Like an abstract painting."

A third added: "Naaah I'M IN SHOCKK."

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