I paid off my £7.8k’s worth of debt in 100 days using an incredibly easy trick – I’ve never been so proud | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed her trick for paying off £7,800 worth of debt in just 100 days.

Deja Washington shared how she swears by “cash stuffing” and says she’s never been more proud of herself for her saving hack.

In a clip which has racked up 1.2million views, she shared how she got notepad and wrote down the numbers one to 100 to represent the days,

She wrote on her @dejawashingtonn account: “How I plan to save $10,000 (£7,800) in 100 days.”

Deja then showed how she started saving $2 the first day, and then added on a subsequent $2 for each day of the challenge.

For example, on day two she planned to save $4, followed by $6 on day three and $8 on day four.

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Deja showed how although this started with tiny amounts, on day 99 she would have to save $198 (£155).

On the final day she would have to save the greatest total $200 (£157).

She also bought 100 envelopes to add each day’s cash to individually.

Many people were very supportive in the comments, and Deja posted an update of how the challenge was going.

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In a follow-up clip, she said: “Today was payday so y’all know what that means.

“I am saving my three to six month expenses, also I’m saving up for my apartment so this cash has an assignment.

“In this video I did save envelopes 124 through 132 which was a total of $640 (£500), that’s how I save it, I group up envelopes.”

Impressively, Deja revealed in a YouTube channel how she managed to pay off $46,000 (£36,000) worth of debt in 11 months using a variety of methods.

In a video, she explained: “I started with my debts smallest to largest and focused on my number, what is my debt and what do I have to pay off?

“I was making sure I had side hustles and doing extra things and picking up another job if I have to.

“I wanted to be out of debt, I’d never lived a life out of debt.

“I’m trying to create a different life for myself.”

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People were quick to take to the comments, with one saying: “I wanna do this but girl living on paycheck to paycheck.”

Another added: “I wish I could do this.”

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