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UNIQUE baby name spellings are often intentional – but for one mom, this simply wasn't the case.

Kylie Colton felt like she had no choice but to use a non-traditional spelling of her son's name after a mistake occurred that was out of her hands.

Responding to a TikTok video that asked users if they regret what they named their kid, Colton said: "So I don't regret the name I gave him. I regret the way I spelled it."

She then dove into a little story time.

"I got pregnant at 18. I decided to name my son Cameron. And that was going to be the name, whether he was going to be a girl or a boy. I liked Cameron.

"His dad and I were high school sweethearts, we'd been together for four years.

"I was going to spell it C-A-M-E-R-O-N – the 'normal' way to spell Cameron right?"

Well, according to Colton, her child's father wanted to get the name tattooed on his back and asked her to text him how they were going to spell it.

She texted him the name "Cameron," but unfortunately, the dad got the name inked on his back with a slightly different spelling.

Instead of the original spelling "Cameron," he spelled it "Camron."

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Following this blunder, the woman decided it was best to change the spelling of her son's name.

Now she really wishes she would have kept it as Cameron because "everyone spells it wrong."

People met the comments section of Colton's video with some humor.

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"Lol, my fiancé is Kameron so anytime someone texts me it's 'Camren,' or 'Cameron,' or 'Camron', or one of the other 30 ways to spell it," one wrote.

"Cam’ron is a super dope rapper though," another added.

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