I spent $474 on bestsellers from Kim Kardashian’s Skims – they didn’t leave a lot to the imagination | The Sun

THERE'S no denying the fact that Skims is an incredibly popular brand because it was created by Kim Kardashian.

Just because her name is behind such a luxurious lineup of clothing, are the items really worth buying?

A YouTuber and fashionista named Mia Maples posted a video breaking down the best-selling products from Skims.

The first items from Mia's Skims haul are the Cotton Plunge Bralette worth $36, and the Cotton Rib Brief worth $28 in the color bone.

She says: “The fabric feels fantastic. It’s very, very soft.”

“This is not leaving a lot for the imagination, is it?” Mia jokingly asks.

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Ultimately, she rates the bralette and briefs an eight out of 10.

Next up, she tries on the Soft Lounge Slip Dress in the color orchid worth $68.

“It has wearability for sure. I can see why it’s a best-seller,” Mia says.

The next item she tries on is the Sculpting Bodysuit With Snaps in the color sand worth $62.

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As soon as Mia pulls it out of the package, she’s blown away by how tiny the piece is in her hands.

Eventually, she’s able to pull the bodysuit on despite the struggle it poses.

She says: “These are definitely comfortable enough that they’re not ripping off my circulation.”

The Cotton Jersey T-shirt for $48 is the next item Mia tries on.

After trying it on, she says: “I like this T-shirt. I mean, it’s a nice T-shirt!”

The next two items Mia tries on are the Fits Everybody Scoop Neck Bra worth $32, and the Fits Everybody Micro Thong worth $14.

In reference to the thong, Mia says: “I don’t believe that this would stay in place at all!”

When describing the bra, she says: “It’s really nice… for me who has no boobs, it feels like it could hold me.”

Finally, Mia tries on the Sheer Sculpt Catsuit worth $98 with the Soft Lounge Sleeve Dress worth $88.

“This is really, really tight,” she says after pulling on the shapewear.

“I wish the catsuit shapewear had a scoop neck,” she says to her viewers since the neckline doesn’t match the dress.

In total, she spent about $474 on all the items she tried on in her video.

She also mentioned at the beginning that she spent $200 on shipping on top of the total cost.

People in Mia’s comment section on YouTube are grateful for her honest review.

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One person wrote: “Definitely won't be buying anything from Skims but loved the review!”

“I would never ever spend that much money on any clothing and $200 for basic shipping is crazy to me. I love your videos though,” someone else added.

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