I spent $500 on used Kylie Jenner clothes – I looked like the Muffin Man & felt like I was being choked in the jumpsuit | The Sun

KARDASHIAN fans often have an encyclopedic knowledge of the stars' looks and the wide range of styles the famous family members wear.

Still, one woman was surprised when she spent $500 on Kylie Jenner's used clothes; some pieces looked chic, but one outfit made her feel like a marshmallow.

Fashion guru Blair, who uses the name Blair Walnuts on social media, has 1.4million followers on TikTok, where she posted a review of her Kardashian Kloset buys.

She unboxed the haul, which was only three items, and inspected the clothes, confirming that they didn't have a strange or unpleasant odor.

"The corset is the first piece I got," Blair said.

Blair said the top retailed for $250, and she bought Kylie's discard for $195 brand-new.


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"It looks like she didn't wear it, because the tag was still on," Blair said, "but I wouldn't put wearing it with the tag on past her."

In several places, the loose corset gaped, which made it difficult to wear.

Despite a tie in the back and a corset-style front, Blair just couldn't get the parts of the corset to stay in place.

"It kind of popped open because it didn't have enough hooks," she pointed out.

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Her second purchase had similar fit issues, though it was a bargain compared to the first item.

Blair modeled the blue top that had super-thin straps and a sculpted fit.

"This piece, I got for a steal," Blair said.

The top, which Blair spent $90 on, usually cost $400.

"$400 for this, are you joking me?" Blair said, showing off the simple blue halter. "I'm about to become a designer."

The second shirt fit more snugly than the corset, but still managed to slide down Blair's body.

"I had a really hard time making this piece stay on," she said.

"I feel like someone needs to walk around and grab this top for me and pull it up the whole time, which is really annoying."

Still, those two tops were nothing compared to the cream-colored jumpsuit Blair modeled next.

The pale, satiny material covered her from head to toe, with puffy sleeves, a high neckline, and a fitted waist with built-in belt.

"I look like a marshmallow," Blair said, aghast. "I look like the muffin man."

Clawing at her neck, she made exaggerated gasps for air in the uncomfortable outfit.

"This jumpsuit was a choking hazard," Blair said.

In the comments, Blair's followers commended her for bravely trying out the wild styles, though some favored her most controversial outfit.

"The last one gives Star Wars vibes," one commenter wrote.

"If you put your hair in a mom bun, add hoop earrings and wear gold heels, that would look good," another added.

Meanwhile, another segment of Blair's followers were excited to see how well Kylie's super-slimming tops fit her.

"The corsets are beautiful," a viewer wrote, while several praised the luxe fabric on the first top.

"Blue is your color," said another commenter who preferred the second.

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