I tried my old dance costumes to see what they look like now – the shorts barely fit my butt & a skirt was way too short | The Sun

KEEPING clothing from your past is one way to hold onto the memories they represent, but you likely forget them in the back of your closet.

One professional dancer kept all her old dance costumes and decided to try them on to see what they look like on her years later.

Whether it's your old school uniform or your favorite Urban Outfitters T-shirt, articles of clothing are tiny momentos from a specific time in your life.

And letting go of them can feel just as hard as letting go of the person you once were.

TikTok's famed Disneyland dancer Lexi Norlander has held on to most of her dance uniforms through the years.

In her recent video, she tried on 13 costumes she's worn throughout her 16-year career, and some didn't fit as they once did.


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Lexi starts with a black two-piece with sparkly rainbow detailing.

"Okay, I could barely pull these shorts over my butt, but this isn't too bad," she proclaims.

Lexi moves on to a more conservative and delicate leotard.

This nude long-sleeve costume is comfortable, yet Lexi hates how it looks, unlike the next periwinkle set.

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Bejeweled, flowy, and sheer, Lexi is still obsessed with the purple mid-length skirt and matching halter-neck top.

"It was my favorite costume ever," she admits.

"Okay, gorgeous, but extremely difficult to put on," Lexi says as she twirls around in a mini-skirt and sparkly crop top.

Following the tiny costume, Lexi changes into a one-piece white leotard with a stiff tutu.

The design is fun and feels classic, as does the black burlesque-like set she slips on next.

This flapper set has intricate details, but still way too big for her in the boobs.

A more casual costume consisted of a long-sleeve round-neck top and shorts with flappy pockets on the side.

Lexi explains that this costume came with combat boots as well.

Now, a pink-laced dress wasn't ever a dance costume, but she wanted to try it on anyway.

"This is just a Forever 21 dress that's just way too short, but it is really comfy," Lexi admits.

"Lol," she laughs as she stands in front of the camera wearing a bejeweled vest that can barely clasp and a pair of tight skinny jeans.

The pink peplum top she throws on fits normally, and Lexi thinks she can style it to wear with a casual outfit.

And the same goes for the following simple costume.

A chic black two-piece with a long-slit maxi skirt and matching tank top looks like another set she usually wears out.

"I'm probably going to take this home because I would just wear this out. I literally have this in a different color," Lexi proclaims.

She puts on a blue Fabletics set that looks identical to the black dance costume.

Lexi finishes off her private runway show with a one-piece bedazzled leotard and strikes a superman pose.

Fellow dancers commented on Lexi's post expressing the love they have for their own old costumes.

"Omggg I’ve been dancing since I was 3 and in almost 12 AND my sister danced for 15 years AND my moms a dance teacher and so we have like 4 bins," one fellow fan wrote.

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Another viewer was shocked most of the outfits fit after so many years.

They commented: "The fact that they still fit."

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