I tried the viral flake trend in my Air Fryer – it didn’t turn out like I thought | The Sun

HAVE you seen the latest craze sweeping the internet that sees chocolate lovers putting a Cadbury’s Flake into their air fryer and whacking up the temperature? 

It might sound bizarre but the experiment was created by foodies as they wanted to see whether it was true that the Flake really doesn’t melt.

And it turns out it’s true, as one woman discovered for herself when she put it to the test. 

TikTok user @airfry_Jen got in on the action and recorded herself heating up the popular chocolate bar to see what happened. 

She showed how she unwrapped the Flake and popped it into the air dryer at 240 degrees for 4 minutes. 

She said: “Max fry this bad boy at 240 degrees.”

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However, she kept an eye on it the whole time, opening up the air fryer and pausing the timer to show her followers what was happening inside. 

One minute in, Jen revealed how “nothing” had happened and it looked exactly the same, despite the blistering heat. 

Two minutes in, she pulled out the air fryer drawer and said it had only gone “a bit crumbly”. 

A further minute passed before she looked again – and was extremely confused to see it had broken down and gone dry, but still hadn’t melted. She later joked it looked like “dry pulled pork”. 

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When the time was up, Jen took it out to show her followers one more time – and said the results had “blown her mind.”

Instead of melting, the Flake had broken down into dry shavings of chocolate.

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She later said in the comments that despite knowing that it’s dehydrated chocolate, she was “still convinced” she could melt it. 

Previously explaining why the Flake is extremely hard to melt, Cadbury explained: “The reason it's difficult to melt is because, for nearly a century, we have deliberately controlled the final manufacturing process to ensure the folds of the bar crumble in the mouth.”

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