I used Stacey Solomon’s hack to get my bedding tucked in tightly, I can’t believe how well it worked | The Sun

YOU can make your bed however you like, but without the sheets being tucked in it always ends up looking scruffy.

But one woman has revealed the incredibly easy trick she took from Stacey Solomon – and says it works like a charm.

Mum-of-two, Alex, from the UK, revealed the clever hack over on her TikTok account, It's a twin thing 37.

Responded to a comment that asked: "What is the coat hanger trick?" and the mum was quick to reveal it.

She said: "So I think it was Stacey Solomon that I saw did this and I've been doing it ever since.

"So if you get a sturdy one, I always prefer these nice wooden (ones)."


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Alex then demonstrates how she uses the side of the coat hanger to tuck in her bedding into the bed frame.

"You just do it all the way around and then it's like super tight and nice," the mum added.

Viewers of the video were seriously impressed by the simple hack, one wrote: "I'm a housekeeper in a hotel I'm totally using this trick! It's pain trying to get it right."

Another person commented: "Where has this been all my life!"

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A third penned: "That’s bloody genius!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Am I going to go and buy wooden coat hangers maybe…"

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