I waited a year to get my bleached hair fixed… the salon ruined it & made me look like a zebra, I was in tears | The Sun

SHE had been eagerly waiting for this appointment for several months – but rather than a new set of healthy locks, Harpy Darpp left the salon looking like a stripy zebra.

After years of using harsh bleach to make her hair lighter, Harpy finally realised her once healthy locks had been completely damaged and it was time to give her hair some break.

For a year, the young woman didn't touch any dyes, harsh chemical products and took extra care, applying masks and ditching heat.

''I was taking medication – I was doing everything to heal my hair,'' she shared the story on TikTok.

Then, just before her family holiday to Germany, Harpy's mum gifted her the ultimate present – a flight to New York where she'd see an expert specialising in bringing ruined hair back to life.

''This woman promised me the world. She said that everything she had was organic, ammonia-free, that she's not going to damage my hair, she's not going to put heat on it.

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''Promising me a lot of things.''

But instead, things took a sharp turn – for the worst – and the client started to have a weird feeling shortly after the appointment had begun.

According to Harpy, who posted the video on social media, there were a lot of ''awful'' remarks made in the salon.

''People ''like me'' dress like sluts. People '' my age'' are parasites that need to be taken off the planet.

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''At this point, I thought maybe she's crazy but she's good at hair.

''But I knew something was wrong.''

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And unfortunately, Harpy was right – approximately midway through the session, she realised her hair would turn out ''nothing'' like she had imagined.

In her mind, she'd leave the salon with light brown hair and soft highlights framing her face – as per the photo she claimed to have shown to the professional.

But in reality, the hairdresser had given her highlights so chunky, Harpy described herself as a ''zebra''.

''Not only did I leave the salon looking like a zebra, […] she put straightening hair keratin that took keratin out of my naturally curly hair – so now it's straight.

''She knew she did something wrong so she told me to come back the next day so she could look at it.''

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Showing the tragic aftermath, the mortified client said: ''There are about ten different colours in my hair – none of which I asked for.

''I asked to be a brunette with highlights – and she turned me blonde.''

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