I was mortified when I sent my friend an awkward screenshot by mistake, one tip saved the situation

If you’ve ever accidentally sent someone an awkward text that was meant to go to someone else, you know how embarrassing the situation can be.

You try to come up with an excuse, but sometimes it feels like there’s no saving face at that point.

The relatable and witty host of Barstool’s Tea With Publyssity podcast, who goes by @Publyssity on TikTok, said she’s been in this pickle before—and she has some great advice to get out of it.

In a TikTok video, she began: “Here is what you do if you accidentally send a screenshot of your conversation with someone to the person you’re talking about.”

She claimed the tip, which she called “toxic but trusty,” can save you a lot of embarrassment.

“So you send them the screenshot, and they answer like, ‘What? Are you talking about me? You sent this to me.’”

The perfect response, @Publyssity said, is:

“You say, ‘Oh my God, no. I’m not talking about you, but my service is really, really sketchy right now and I’m not sure if my messages are going through, so I just wanted to see if this was the last message you received from me. Let me know if you’re missing any texts from me.’”

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She promised this method “works like a charm.”

Many viewers said they’d be keeping this tip in their back pocket for when an emergency arises.

“Doing God’s work,” one person commented.

“This could have saved me so many times. Genius,” added a second.

Others, however, were less convinced:

“People believe this? Lol I would NEVER believe it if someone tired this,” one commenter claimed.

“If someone said that to me, I would believe them for 0 seconds,” another agreed.

@Publyssity responded to another commenter who said he once accidentally sent his family chat multiple screengrabs of their own back and forth fighting texts.

The podcast host advised: “You say ‘^^ look how ridiculous you all sound! We shouldn’t fight. We’re family!’”

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