I work at a drive-thru & there’s 6 customers we hate – which one are you? | The Sun

ANYONE who’s worked in the service industry will know that there are some classic nightmare customers out there.

Now, one drive-thru worker has revealed the six worst types of customers she has to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

TikToker Audrey, known as @plz_stfu0 on the video sharing app, shares  six common, but terrible, customers she’s had to deal with at work.

The first of these is the ‘yeller’, which is pretty self-explanatory yet still quite annoying. 

Next up, she says that some customers clearly have no manners, and when she says something along the lines of “hi, how are you, what can I get for you,” will rudely reply with their order, without even saying please and thank you.

A sub-category, and combination of these two types of customers has been mentioned in the video comment section by fellow drive-thru workers, with one adding:


I worked in Primark – people left the most awful things in the changing rooms

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“Or whenever they just pull up and you’re doing something and they just scream ‘hello hello’ until you answer.”

The third type of customer mentioned in Audrey’s video is the one who orders quietly and from the passenger side of the car.

She adds that most of the time when customers order from the passenger side she ends up having to ask the driver to give the order instead, which can cause a longer wait for those in cars behind the person ordering, and is just unnecessary when the driver can easily order from the get-go.

Fourth up is ‘the gaslighter’, with Audrey giving an example of how conversations with this type of customer usually go, with them ordering a drink and then when they collect it complain that it’s not what they ordered.

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Sometimes they’ll even try to bag extra drinks when the barista goes to remake their drink for them, asking if they can have both that and the first one, even though this usually goes against company policy.

Next is the phone caller, where the customer stays on the phone, while ordering, and act annoyed at the interruption every time they’re asked a question, even when it’s in relation to their order.

And finally, Audrey shares one customer than she usually likes, which is the one who asks for recommendations and what she likes, but adds that this can quickly become an annoying situation, if they just start ignoring the recommendations anyway.

She says: “We love this, but if you’re gonna ask, then trust us.”

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Commenters shared their own nightmare customer scenarios in response to the video, with one writing: “I’ve had a customer come through the drive-thru and flip me off on the box camera and then yelled at me when I asked them to stop.”

“This isn’t about drive thru but I take phone orders and this girl put me on hold bc she wasn’t ready to order,” added another.

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