I work at Hooters – 5 strict rules I had to follow & Halloween mistake that could get you fired | The Sun

HOOTERS has laid out some very specific rules for their workers, including a particular guideline for the Halloween season.

An employee of the food chain shared some firm rules they have in place.

"Here are five rules that Hooters girls have to follow," a Hooters employee who goes by @wizkhalysssaabegan on social media said in a TikTok video.

"Rule number one, you have to wear five articles of makeup in order to work your shift," she shared.

Apparently, a lot of time and effort is put into learning how to perfect the look via makeup and the uniform as well.

The woman said: "Rule number two, you have to attend a three-hour course where they teach you how to do your makeup, how to wear the uniform, and how to exercise."

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There are additional rules the Hooters girls need to stick to when it comes to their locks.

"Rule number three. Your hair must be a natural color, has to be styled at all times, can't be up.

"It's a lot of rules about the hair that I'm not getting into right now," she said.

And on Halloween, there seems to be a rule against partaking in the festivities.

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"Rule number four, if you wear your uniform on Halloween you get terminated," the employee claimed.

There are some jewelry rules to abide by too.

"Rule number five, you can't have more than two piercings per ear," she concluded.

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