I work in B&M and these are the annoying things I hear every single day – people always make the same complaint | The Sun

WE all love a good browse around B&M right?

You can’t go wrong with a shopping trip to the high-street giant B&M – after all, there’s cheap food, gorgeous homeware bits and even cleaning products.

It’s a one-stop-shop that many of us love, but if you’re a fan, you’ll want to listen up.

A B&M worker has revealed the three annoying things that customers say every single day to her when working in the bargain store.

Not only do people always make the same complaint, but these things really wind the workers up, so if you’re a B&M shopper, prepare to be attacked.

Melody Love (@melodyyxoxo), is a 19-year-old from Scotland, who works in B&M.

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Melody has 4,195 followers and 28.5k likes on TikTok and took to the video sharing platform to reveal the things that she hears every single day working for the bargain store.

She said: “Things I hear on a daily [basis] working in B&M”.

The first thing that Melody always hears, and we’re sure many of us have said this before, is: “I could spend all day in here”.

But Melody is fed up of hearing this constantly and jokingly responded with “really?!, please don't”.

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The second thing that B&M workers always here is customers saying: “I don’t know how you can work in here, it’s boiling”, to which Melody joked “you’re telling me”.

Finally, a common complaint that customers always make, according to Melody, is about the toilets being out of order.

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Melody said that customers always ask: “your toilets are out of order, so where do you go?” to which Melody made a joke and said: “we p**s on the floor”. 

TikTok users found Melody’s video hilarious and many were quick to express this with laughing face emojis in the comments.

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As well as this, other B&M workers sympathised with Melody and shared what they also hear whilst working in B&M. 

One person said: “Too relatable”.

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Another added: “Don’t forget ‘Do you work here’ while you’re holding massive boxes, a box knife and wearing the lanyard”. 

A third commented: “I hate the ‘I only came in for one thing’”.

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