I'm 17 & already a mum… trolls say I only got pregnant to get benefits, but I don't care | The Sun

A TEENAGER has been trolled for becoming a mum at 17, with people reckoning she's simply after benefits.

One social media user took to TikTok to share a heart-warming video between her, her baby and a 16-year-old who's desperate to become a mum too.

In the short clip, which has since taken the internet by storm, racking up more than 266k views in less than a week, the young mum could be seen dancing in a bikini with her baby tucked in her arms.

''17-year-old that has a baby,'' read the text as the redhead showed her best dance moves.

The camera then turned to another teenager, with the caption reading: ''16-year-old that wants a baby.''

However, whilst the duo might've not thought much of it, the video has gone viral, with loads of trolls flocking to comments.

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It seems that for the most part social media users blasted the young parent for simply abusing the benefits system – and many thought she had fell pregnant to avoid having to earn money herself.

One person wrote: ''The things you do so you you don’t have to work.''

Another agreed, adding: ''Because then you get free money and don’t have to go to work everyday just hangout with mates and go shopping.''

''And let the government support them,'' a third penned.

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''What in the name of council benefits is their thought process….'' someone else wondered.

''The future of our country ladies and gents,'' is how a fellow TikTok user felt about the situation.

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Although it is unclear if the duo has any income, the 17-year-old claimed they're both out of school and she's capable of being a parent.

Responding to some of the comments, she also revealed that the father of the child is working.

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However, despite being blasted with comments that she's too young to be a mum, the teenager also received support from a few viewers, who said the nasty comments were disgusting.

''Listen, there’s negative comments but you guys lead the lives you want to. She doesn’t define what a good parent is or is not,'' read a positive note.

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