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A 37-YEAR-OLD woman has opened up about the negative reaction she often receives when she tells people she still lives with her parents. 

And she didn’t hold back when it came to cruel trolls, as she said it was none of their business and she doesn’t give a damn about what they think.

Lindsey Jane Gordon found herself living back with her family after globe-trotting around the world. 

Lindsey, who is a writer, previously explained: “I still live with my parents. Here’s my story and how I came to still be living with them.

“I went to university at 18, moved out of home to do the full experience.

“I graduated in law in 2008, which was obviously a pretty rubbish year to graduate” she said, referring to the financial crisis.  

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The following year Lindsey set off on a three-month long adventure when she went travelling around Australia and New Zealand.

But she later relocated to France after she landed a job working there for a British ski company and worked four years of summer and winter seasons back to back. 

Lindsey continued: “I loved Sydney so much in 2009 I decided to move there in 2013.”

After some visa complications, she returned home to the UK in 2014 and started working in a bank in London. 

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But three years on, in 2017, the travelling bug got her again and she jetted off to Singapore – a place she loved everything about.

However, when Covid hit in 2020, Lindsey reassessed her life and decided to move home once more – and back in with mum and dad.

She said: “I never intended to live with my parents, but as I am still single, I’m just not in a hurry to move out by myself anywhere, even though I can afford to.

“So my reason for staying here is just because I want to – and that’s reason enough.” 

But in a new video posted to her TikTok profile @lindseyjanegordon, Lindsey said many people aren’t so understanding of her situation and blast her decision.

Yet she said that she couldn’t care less what people think about her living situation. 

“When people tell me I’m too old to be living with my parents at 37,” she wrote on her social media platform. 

She then inserted a voiceover that said “I’m not making myself clear… I don’t give a f**k.” 

Lindsey then added in the caption to her 14.8k followers: “Seriously, you do you too.

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“Right now, if living with parents works for you and your family and is enabling you ALL to SURVIVE this s*** show of an economy, then keep doing it.” 

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