I’m 53 and obsessed with tanning, trolls say you can tell because of my skin but I know I look good | The Sun

LIKE most of us, Kem Minnick loves to soak up some sun and knows the importance of Vitamin D.

But at 53, the Swedish blonde refuses to wear sunscreen – and believes she looks better than ever, with not a single wrinkle in sight.

The woman, who's now created the Swedish Bikini Chef character on TikTok to promote her book, Eat Meat & Be Happy, is known for videos where she rocks skimpy bikinis, showing off the curves.

Although she is convinced the animal product diet and long tanning sessions are responsible for her youthful skin, social media users often urge the 53-year-old to wear SPF protection.

Many admit that although she is beautiful, Kem's skin shows some real damage of too much sun exposure, with darker spots and sagging around her chest area.

Some have also noted that not only has too much tanning damaged her skin, but the wrinkles have also added years to her face – with one even guessing Kem was 63.

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Her videos have been seen by millions and with thousands of comments under each clip, the Swede has become aware of the negative remarks.

Hitting back at the meanies, the blonde uploaded a video claiming she was unsure what the trolls were talking about.

Donning in a brown strappy top with a low cut, Kem said: ''I'm 53 and a carnivore, and my skin looks great.

''I live in the sun and it's wonderful and I love it.

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''Certainly, I don't have wrinkly skin and I'm way healthy.''

Responding to the critical social media users, Kem added in the caption of the now-viral clip that sunshine provides us with Vitamin D and without it, we're prone to becoming ''sick and depressed''.

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But despite what the 53-year-old meat fanatic thought, concerned TikTok users tried to warn her about making the sun damage even worse.

A professional in the skincare industry commented: ''Hi I’m as aesthetician and you look great! but there is some sun damage ! Don’t forget the SPF with love.''

A second penned: ''You do look great but it’s obvious that you did get a bit too much sun exposure.''

''your skin isnt wrinkly but i can clearly see the sun damage sorry [sic],'' someone else added.

''Unrelated but please wear sunscreen as skin cancer can kill,'' a viewer urged.

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However, there were also plenty of those who flocked to comments to show their support, such as this person who said: ''Don’t listen to haters on a silly app.

''If you are happy then that’s all that matters in life.''

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