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IT'S hard to keep up with the changing trends in baby names, as something that was the peak of popularity 20 years ago could now be very dated.

But there's no need for you to follow the trends when there are others who can keep on top of them for you.

A self-confessed "name nerd" produced a list of 39 baby names, all from the 1880s and all looking likely to make a comeback.

Back at the end of the 1800s these names were firmly in the top 200 most popyular but since dropped right out the charts.

But after a long break, the name aficionado explained that the monikers are making a comeback.

Baby name whizz, Confidentialo, took to Reddit's namenerds forum with the list that they had designed: "based on name trends we’ve been seeing."

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A hefty 22 girls' names and 17 boys' names made the final list.

Girls' names

Martha: This means mistress of the house.

Nellie or Nell: This means shining light.

Mabel: This means lovable or dearly and it's currently ranked at 68 out of 5493 names in the UK.

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Cora: This means maiden or daughter.

Helen: This means light or bright.

Lula: This means famous warrior.

Alma: This means nourishing and kind soul.

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Irene: This means peace.

Olive: Olivia, Olive mean olive tree.

Pauline: This means the little one or small.

Ora: This means prayer.

Iva: This means God is gracious.

Lulu: This means pearl or precious.

Lola: This means sorrowful.

Lela: This means black beauty.

Delia: This means from Delos.

Alta: This means high or elevated.

Ina: This means entertainer or home.

Luella: This means famous warrior.

Rena: This means joy or joyful melody.

Lucille: This means light.

Myra: This means beloved, favourable, admirable.

Boys' names

Oscar: This means friend of the deer or champion warrior.

Carl: This means free man.

Martin: This means God of war.

Eugene: This means well-born or noble.

Francis: This means Frenchman or free man.

Raymond: This means counsellor or protector.

Harvey: This means iron, battle worthy or blaze.

Otto: This means wealth and prosperity.

Warren: This means park keeper.

Emil: This means excelling or eager.

Victor: This means winner or conqueror.

Calvin: This means little bald one.

Dennis: This means follower of Dionysus.

Russell: This means red-haired.

Roscoe: This is the Norse word for "doe wood" or "deer forest".

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Ellis: The means kind and benevolent.

Wilson: This means son of Will.

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