I'm a celeb makeup artist – I use my method for applying waterline eyeliner for red carpets, it stays put and won't run | The Sun

A CELEBRITY makeup artist has revealed her method for achieving a red carpet-ready look.

She said her technique for applying eyeliner to the waterline won't budge, even under flashing lights.

Melissa Murdick (@itsmakeupbymelissam) filmed herself spilling her secrets in a video on TikTok.

"Do you see this gorgeous waterline eyeliner and how it's nice and black and staying put?" she said, gesturing to her eyes.

"I'm a celebrity makeup artist. I have to do this all the time for red carpets and make it stay. And I'm going to share my secret.

"Number one, do not use a pencil liner for this. What you want instead is some sort of waterproof cream liner. Not a liquid, not a gel, not a pencil cream. This is by L'Oréal.

"I'm going to use a flat liner brush with this," she added, using the wing brush from Elf cosmetics.

Next, she used a simple disposable tool many people already have in their bathrooms.

"We're going to take a Q-tip and we're actually going to dry off the waterline on the bottom. And then we're going to apply our cream liner there," she said.

"Pick up the liner on both sides of the brush, wipe off the excess, and then lay it on its side and literally press it into the waterline.

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"So we're patting it on so that we get a nice thick layer of it. And I will typically do this twice.

"I will pat it on once and then go back in and get a little more and pat on another layer.

"Do the exact same thing on the top waterline, drying it off with your Q-tip and then taking your brush layered with product and patting it," she added.

She emphasized getting into the roots of the lashes and even repeating the process for more security.

"Just to complete the look, I am taking a dark brown shadow and a little smudge brush and just kind of smudging that into the lower lashes and the upper lash line, so it doesn't look as harsh," she said.

"This actually doesn't have to do anything with making the product stay, but I think it looks nicer than just having the waterline," she added.

She said while her trick makes a big difference, it's not necessarily a miracle worker.

"Now, keep in mind, yes, this will eventually move some. It is not going to stay put forever. We do have moisture in our eye," she said.

"Be realistic, but this should stay way better than you just trying to draw on a little bit of liner with a pencil, especially when the waterline is still wet," she added.

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