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CHRISTMAS fanatic Donna Ryan has Christmas wrapped up early this year – having put up her decs in JULY.

The mum-of-one, 34, from Gosport, Hampshire, has celebrated yuletide months early since she was a teen.

But in anticipation of the arrival of her first son, George, she made sure her two-bedroom house was a festive paradise.

By the time he was born on August 3rd, her 6ft artificial Christmas tree had pride of place in her living room, complete with 40 wrapped presents underneath.

Donna claims she’s spent £500 to cover her gifts, wrapping and even electricity. 

The healthcare worker says: “I love the sense of excitement it brings, the smiles it puts on my friends' faces who come and see what I have planned, and the sense of fun it brings.


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“Yes, it’s September, but I don’t care. I have festive music playing, and Christmas scented candles are lit.

“My tree is topped with a huge white bow, white and silver baubles and 500 lights.”

Donna explains her love of Christmas stems from her parents’ strictness over holiday fun. 

She says: “As a child I was obsessed with Christmas – but my parents always adhered to the 12-day Christmas rule.

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“Our tree and decorations always went up 12 days before Christmas and came down 12 days after.

“I left home at 16 and started work as a cafe waitress.

“I had my own flat and that Christmas I put up my tree at the start of November and started my own family tradition.

“Since then, I have put my tree and decorations up earlier and earlier and amassed a huge collection of Christmas decorations.”

New baubles

This year Donna decorated with existing baubles and knick-knacks including the jewel in her crown – a £300 free-standing Santa. 

She has also spent an additional £150 updating baubles for her tree. 

After the death of the Queen, royalist Donna – who named her son after the Queen’s father, King George VI – has also invested in some commemorative decorations.

She says: “I am buying royalty-themed baubles and Union Jack baubles to mark the Jubilee and the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. 

“I expect those decorations to arrive in the next four weeks and don't want to miss out because I know they’ll sell out this year.”

Yes, it’s September, but I don’t care. I have festive music playing, and Christmas scented candles are lit

Donna has already bought £800 worth of presents – including gifts for newborn son George – for just £200.

Her trick is buying in the Boxing Day sales – which includes wrapping paper at 10p a roll, and socks and soaps as standby pressies for £2 a pop.

Donna reckons her careful stockpile planning has saved her over £1,200 on gifts and energy costs. 

She says: “I planned and bought all my presents, and decorations for each room before he arrived.

“I had most of the decorations up by August and am slowly putting the final touches to each room.”

She adds: “It’s never too early to get the decorations out – for me it brings joy and always lifts my spirits.

“I am proud to be a ‘Christmas crazy’ and wouldn't change a thing.

"I even dress up my little Jack Russell terrier Pippa in Christmas-themed outfits.

"It's a joyous affair which I stretch out over four months."

With energy bills and interest rates increasing, Donna has had to carefully plan her Christmas extravaganza this year.

It’s never too early to get the decorations out – for me it brings joy and always lifts my spirits. I am proud to be a ‘Christmas crazy’

After doing the sums she worked out her elaborate fairy light display both inside and out would cost her more than £170 a month to run. 

She’s invested £150 in solar-powered fairy lights, stair garlands and outdoor decorations to run for free. 

She says: “I was not having my Christmas ruined or not being able to afford running my lights from September onwards. 

“I could have changed to LED lights, but I decided solar was cheaper because after buying the lights, it’s zero.

“People always ask for tips for where to buy Christmas decorations and my help in planning their festive themes.

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