I’m a cleaning guru, my easy method to scrub my slat blind & the item in your drawer that will be your secret weapon

A HOME expert has revealed her trusty way of deep cleaning their wooden slat blind and how they always use an unlikely item from their drawers.

TikTok user and cleanfluencer @capricesmum shared her home hack with her 77,000 followers, as she opened up on how to get the best results with the least effort.

She posted a video to her social media account called “My blind cleaning routine”, as she demonstrated the easy method.

But rather than using a duster or other type of cleaning cloth, the busy mum revealed she always opts for none other than a pair of socks.

That’s because they can easily get to the stubborn dirt that builds up between the slats day to day if you pop them on your hands. 

Showing how it’s done, @capricesmum explained: “So I use a pair of old fluffy socks. 

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“I start by using one sock to dust the blinds then I fill up a basin with warm water and add a cap full of Zoflora in.

“Then with the second sock, I go in and clean the blinds,” she continued, showing that she uses the cleaning liquid to really work away at the grime.

And it sounds like it always works a treat, as @capricesmum: concluded: “This method is so simple and easy and the blinds always come up spotless.”  

She later added in the comment section: “I deep clean the blinds like this every few months & I try to remember to dust them weekly using a duster.” 

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While her followers said they hadn’t thought of using a pair of socks as a cleaning device, they would be trying it for themselves as soon as possible. 

One said: “What a great idea, doing this tomorrow.” Another added: “Just the tip I needed.” 

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A third wrote: “That’s a great idea!” While a fourth said: “This is actually genius.” 

And another chimed in: “This has helped me heaps – thank you!!!” 

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