I'm a country girl and dropped out of college to work on a farm – now I dance with the cows and I’m happy | The Sun

A RURAL beauty has revealed her day-to-day life working on the farm.

She said she loves the simple life so much, she even dropped out of college to work there full-time.

The country girl said she spends her days dancing with cows and feeling happy.

Issy (@issyxoxo3) shared her candid story on how she risked it all for her blue collar calling.

"Dance if you've just randomly dropped out of college to work full-time on a farm and focus on being happy," she said in the video.

She showed off her best moves while surrounded by cows on a farm.

Issy revealed that the country life is truly for her and that she doesn't regret her choices.

"A year out of college and still not missing it," she added in the caption.

The video came as part of a trend of women revealing themselves as proud to be working in typically male-dominated fields.

Country girls are showing that they too can take on physical labor and excel at it.

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In another video, Issy revealed her deep connection with the animals.

She showed herself taking a selfie with a cow on the farm, looking elated.

Issy's farm life intrigued viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"I’m so tempted to do this," one wrote.

"Good luck," another added.

"Going well, to be frank," Issy replied.

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