I’m a dermatologist and there are four products you need to get rid of strawberry legs before the summer, one’s only £6 | The Sun

A DERMATOLOGIST has revealed the best products to get rid of strawberry legs ahead of the summer – and one is just £6.

Dr Aamna Adel took to her Instagram page to share her recommendations, as she said: "Rough bumpy skin to your arms or legs? Let’s hit the shops."

"Moisturise within five minutes (of showering) with creams continuing Urea like this one to help loosen the scale," she began, suggesting using the £14 Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 10% urea lotion.

"The CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream is the GOAT and contains both Urea and Lactic Acid," she continued.

The cream is £12.50 in most shops.

The cheapest product Dr Adel recommended is the Glycolic acid body cream from Boots' own brand, which costs just £6.

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"AHA’s like this Glycolic cream from Boots’ own brand work wonders," she said.

Concluding her reel, Dr Adel added that "you can also use wash off products containing the same ingredients with an exfoliating sponge".

The £12.50 CeraVe SA smoothing cleanser was her top pick.

In the caption, Dr Adel wrote: "Keratosis pilaris is a fairly common skin condition that we see in the dermatology clinic.

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"It presents as dry, bumpy skin on the outer upper arms, thighs, buttocks, legs and cheeks."

She added that it affects lots of children, is more common among teenagers and adults and is less common in the elderly.

"It occurs due to abnormal keratinisation within the hair follicle which leads to scale building up," she said.

"It’s totally harmless but the appearance can be troublesome for some patients."

She went on to recommend "products containing the following: lactic acid, salicylic acid, urea, glycolic acid and retinoids".

Dr Adel was quickly praised for sharing the post by people in the comments section, with one writing: "Thank you so much for this informative post.

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"I've been suffering with this since I was a teenager – I'll definitely try one of these products that you recommended."

"Thanks – looks like I’ve been waiting for this video," another added.

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