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AFTER so much searching and spending on Amazon, you've got to ask yourself: are there better and cheaper options out there?

YouTube's DIY pro Kathryn argued there are, and they're Dollar Tree's hidden gems that could save you $200.

While Amazon has its winning deals and unique finds, $1.25 items are incomparable.

Kathryn's YouTube channel, Do It On A Dime is, in part, a Dollar Tree fan account as she posts DIY videos and must-have purchases using the discount store's inventory.

She posted a recent video discussing her "13 Dollar Tree hacks that beat Amazon favorites."

According to Kathryn, these tips could save you $200.


I’m a skincare fanatic – my fave Dollar Tree products costs $1.25

Kathryn starts by pulling up the list of Amazon's "most wished-for household items."

She says you can find a lot of these at Dollar Tree and for a lot cheaper.

First, she introduces Amazon's $24.99 Baseboard Buddy – Baseboard & Molding Cleaning Tool.

Kathryn reveals that a Dollar Tree DIY is better, in her opinion.

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"Honestly, I found this thing did not work at all. It was expensive, clumsy, and didn't glide well. I do not recommend it," she admits.

Instead, grab a $1.25 Essentials Black Plastic Broom Handle, cut a 1-inch slit into a tennis ball, cover this ball with the 1.25 Driver's Choice Microfiber Chenille Washmitt, and stick it on the end of the handle.

"When I say this works, it works," Kathryn proclaims.

She runs this along her baseboards and moldings to pick up cobwebs and dust.

And these microfiber wash mitts can be worn on your feet while cleaning.

They're only $1.25 compared to Amazon's $11.98 Tamicy Mop 5 Pair Slippers Shoes.

Kathryn says she was surprised the $22.99 Uproot Cleaner Pro Reusable Hair Remover from Amazon worked well, but it was pricey.

However, the $1.25 Greenbrier Kennel Club Dog Grooming Mitts and the Greenbrier Kennel Club Assorted Pet Brushes work just as well.

"I think the $20 Uprooter product is worth it, but these products from Dollar Tree also really work," Kathryn says.

From Amazon, the $23.99 Broom and Dustpan is unique because it cleans the broom as you sweep.

Again, Kathryn thinks this product is worth it, but a cheaper alternative is just as good.

You can get the $1.25 Scrub Buddies Lobby Dust Pan, one of the top-rated products at Dollar Tree.

The $34.97 O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is one of the most popular items on Amazon.

Kathryn recommends adding a 1.25 plastic bucket inside to separate the dirty water from the soap solution.

"A lot of people ask: 'Does this make a difference?' I've used this a lot in my house, and I think it does," she admits.

In addition, adding this bucket saves you from buying the O-Cedar product with their separate system.

Kathryn was not impressed with the $6.99 Angry Mama Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner.

She thinks that microwaving Dollar Tree's Glass Prep Bowls filled with water and vinegar works better.

Another way you can use the well-liked $12.32 Dreft Blissfuls In-Wash Scent Booster Beads is by putting them in the $1.25 party favor sacks and putting them in places that smell bad.

You can also put them on top of the Dual Color Fragrance Warmers and let the candle melt the beads.

"Your entire house will smell amazing," Kathryn says.

TikTok made the $14.99 Simple Life Flower Toilet Bowl Cleaners popular, but Kathryn doesn't think they even work.

Instead, she suggests using the Ty-D-Bol Liquid Bowl Cleaner for $1.25, which lasts up to 300 flushes.

Pairing the Scrub Buddies Dish Brushes with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will clean your tiles just as well as the $17.38 Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber.

Viewers agreed that the Dollar Tree dupes were better deals.

"Hate spending money,…love saving money….thanks, Kathryn, for giving us these wonderful tips," an excited woman commented.

Another fan added: "I absolutely LOVE your baseboard hack! Will definitely do this!"

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