I'm a fashion whizz… there are three styles of tops to avoid if you've got smaller boobs, one of them is super hazardous | The Sun

A FASHION guru has revealed which tops to avoid wearing if you're someone with a smaller chest.

As Brits are told to prepare for a sizzling hot Spanish summer with another four heatwaves to hit the UK, most fashionistas are looking to upgrade their wardrobes with weather-appropriate outfits.

But if you're a fashion lover with smaller boobs, don't rush to the high street just yet, as one expert has revealed what to avoid wasting money on, with one garment even being ''hazardous''.

With close to 180,000 followers and a total of a whopping five million overall likes, the TikTok fashion and lifestyle whizz, Stylefox, has become the go-to for many.

She regularly takes it to social media to share styling tips and tricks that will elevate your look with minimal effort.

Now, the whizz has uploaded a clip for those who haven't got big boobs (if you have a larger chest, you probably shouldn't be wearing a certain style of shirt, according to one expert).

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According to the video, which has taken the internet by storm, racking up close to 370,000 views, there are three styles of tops to best give a miss to when you are small chested.

Posing in front of a camera with large sunnies, the guru explained that the first no-no is anything ''that can fold in on itself''.

Amongst these are scarf or wrap tops, she said as she was constantly pulling up the material to keep it in place.

Next up on the list are tops with the trendy straight neckline.

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You should definitely not buy them if they have a neckline higher than your cleavage, she added.

Last, but certainly not least, are garments, such as tops and dresses, with straps that require tension to stay in place.

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The lack of boobs to keep the material stretched meant that this style, as Stylefox wrote in the caption, was ''hazardous to bend over in''.

The tips, however, left viewers divided – whilst some thanked the whizz, others thought everyone should be able to dress however theyfeel like.

One critic commented: ''or use body tape to keep the fabric in place and wear whatever t* you want.''

Another aptly summed up their views and wrote: ''Just No for this video.''

However, it wasn't all negative feedback, as dozens of fans tagged their friends and shared the same opinion.

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''I have two of those tops for a self confidence boost and to love myself a little bit more! but I genuinely agree with you on the tops,'' said one fashionista.

Someone else's For You Page seemed to have broken, as they chuckled: ''I have D’s why am I watching this.''

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