I’m a female cop — people say they would risk it all when they see me in uniform, they actually want to be arrested | The Sun

A FEMALE cop thought she looked intimidating in her uniform but people say that they would "risk it all" for her.

Maria Lloyd, a lifestyle content creator, shared what she looked like in uniform in a video with over 9k TikTok followers.

"Just a friendly reminder that if she puts her into a ponytail, maintaining perfect eye contact with you, then one of two things is about to happen," said a TikTok audio.

Maria tied up her hair, maintaining eye contact to demonstrate she takes her work seriously, just as the audio said.

"And if you aren't absolutely sure which one it is, run."

She smirked, rocking her authority in her full police uniform with holsters by her side.

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Viewers took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Some weren't convinced by her display of bravado.

"Nah, I'm still gonna stay, sometimes you risk it all," said one commenter.

"She's gorgeous, I'm taking my chances," said another.

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Others even went to the length of thinking about committing crimes for her attention.

"I swear I would get in trouble all the time and call the cops myself and tell them to send her if not I am running," confessed one viewer.

Others simply accepted their fate.

"Nope I'm just giving up and doing whatever she says," joked one commenter.

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