I’m a female farmer – my dad treated me like a son so now I ride tractors and harvest corn | The Sun

ONE female farmer was roped into the agriculture business because her father treated her like a son.

But the country lover's parental treatment resulted in an unexpected love for riding tractors, harvesting corn, and spending time with her dad.

In her video, Regan Bieber (@regan_bieber) shared details on how she got into the family business.

Stationed in the middle of a dry yellow field, Regan set her phone to face her.

The female farmer was wrapped in a gray hoodie and black zip-up jacket.

Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail while she galloped in front of a big red tractor.

"POV: "Your dad never had any sons, so as the oldest daughter, he made you the son."

Regan backed up to reveal her bottoms: black leggings and a pair of beaten-up sneakers.

Dust swept up as she shuffled her feet backward. "Only the oldest daughter will understand," Regan proclaimed.

Viewers empathized with Reagan's experience and exposed their story.

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An honest woman admitted: "Middle child over here, and my dad calls me the son he’s never had, but he has two sons."

"Same with me, younger sister though," another woman added.

"Not the oldest, not even biologically his, and he has a son, but I'm still his 'one of the boys' kid," a viewer said.

The TikTok creator posted a separate video to highlight her harvesting skills.

She sat on her farming vehicle, enamored with the field she was looking out onto.

"When your corn bushels higher than expected, so you're waiting on trucks instead of them waiting on you," Reagan said. "Always a good feeling."

In a later post, Reagan honored her father by exposing footage of them working together on the land.

Her father moved around in his wheelchair next to her while she covered the ground on the tractors.

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