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IF TikTok has taught us anything, it's that there's usually a cheaper way to do things – including make plants grow.

Before splurging on pricey plant food, gardening enthusiast Megan London says there's a seriously cheap item that may already be in your pantry that will work wonders for your garden.

"I bet you have something in your cabinet right now that you can use in your garden and you don't even know it," Megan said in a recent TikTok video.

"You're probably like, what could that be? Powdered milk," she revealed.

Powdered milk was a staple of Great Depression diets, and has continued to be relied on as a low-cost way to get nutrients.

Megan explained that many of those nutrients are good for your plants, too.

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In her video, she held up a bag of Walmart's Great Value brand instant nonfat dry milk.

"Why? Let me show you what it's packed full of," she said.

Powdered milk has plenty of calcium and potassium, both essential for healthy plants.

Calcium helps plants grow and protects them from pests and diseases. When plants don't get enough, buds won't grow, fruit can be damaged, and leaves can curl, spot, or burn.

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Potassium, meanwhile, helps move water and nutrients in the plant tissue, and also promotes plant growth and stops disease.

"Just mix a little in with the soil a few inches in, cover it, and leave," Megan said.

Viewers have called her tip "awesome" and "wonderful," with several saying they'd try it in their own gardens.

The experts at The Spruce say you can similarly use regular milk in your garden by diluting it with water and putting it in a spray bottle to spritz on plant leaves.

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They recommend using 1% or 2% and mixing it with water using a 50/50 ratio.

However, they warn not to mix it with any chemical pesticide or fertilizer, which can kill the bacteria in milk that will help your plants.

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