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IT'S hard enough getting kids in the bath sometimes, but sitting still long enough for you to wash their hair? Forget it.

We hear you when you say that you avoid it as much as possible, but how long can you get away with not washing their hair?

Rachel Valentine, a freelance hairdresser from Wimbledon, in London says it depends on a few things.

"A lot will depend on the texture and thickness of the hair, but up until the age of around 6 or 7, once or twice a week is enough," she tells Fabulous.

"After the age of 7, when they start to be more active, including swimming or sporting clubs, you may wish to wash it more [often] to keep it clean."

Not only is it important get keep the hair looking and smelling fresh, but it helps teach kids good hair washing habits early on.

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And for the best results, Rachel says: "Remember to shampoo twice to make sure it’s thoroughly cleansed!

"I also recommend detangling the hair with a conditioner before shampooing, otherwise, knots can sometimes be worse afterwards and more difficult to get out."

Another issue many parents face is taking kids to the hairdressers.

How often do you leave with a haircut you didn't ask for?

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But there's a surefire way to get exactly what you want every single time, says Rachel, a hairdresser of ten years.

"If there is a specific style you would like, the best thing to do is take some pictures to the hairdresser, whether that’s one you’ve taken from online, the TV, or any kind of visual makes it clear.," she says

But if the cut is for maintenance and hair health, rather than a style,"I would trust the professional, and ask them how much they think the hair needs off to keep it healthy," she suggests.

Now that you've got those to dilemmas sorted we move on to the next – keeping your child still long enough to get the cut done.

There are some ways to make it smooth sailing all the way through says Rachel and it's really pretty simple.

"Firstly, choose your salon wisely. It may not be a good idea to take your child to a super chilled salon with no distractions," she says.

"The child-friendly salons are great as the chairs are smaller and made into different things like helicopters or cars which makes it fun for the child.

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"The hairdressers in there will also be used to cutting when the child is wriggly."

And if all else fails, take their favourite toy or activity to keep them busy while they snip away their locks.

Rachel shares loads of hair tips on social media including TikTok and Instagram.

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