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FOR a lot of people, the hot summer weather means it's time to hit the nearest beach or pool.

A cooler is more than likely on your list to pack, but you've probably been using it wrong.

If the ice in your cooler melts halfway through your day, then you're forgetting a crucial step.

A home expert named Anna Truth has revealed in a video the hack that will change how you pack a cooler forever.

The best part about Truth's tip is that it's completely free.

In the video, she wrote: "I don't know who needs to hear this, but you need to temper your cooler before your big summer trips.

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"Let some ice sit in the cooler for at least 24 hours!!!

"It will your ice LAST SO MUCH LONGER and not melt as fast if the cooler is already cold instead of room temp."

Truth also captioned the video: "It’s literally life-changing!! Dry ice works too but that’s expensive."

The home expert provided even more cooler knowledge in the comments section and added: "Also, pack it FULL. Don’t leave tons of room or dead air in the cooler."

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Others took to the comments section to give their own tidbits on the best way to pack a cooler.

One wrote: "Freeze water bottles and use those to precool the cooler before your trips."

Another added: "Turn it upside down on a cool air vent for 24 hrs prior, it will also temper it."

Someone else suggested: "Coarse salt mixed in with the ice and it will get even colder."

A fourth comment read: "We freeze big blocks of ice in old "disposable" containers, like those big plastic ice cream tubs, and those hold up really well in coolers!!"

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