I’m a laundry expert – the quick and easy way to remove nasty, yellow sweat stains from your white clothes

YOU can very quickly ruin your favourite white T-shirt, if you don't keep on top of those nasty yellow armpit stains that can gather.

Evidence of your summer of fun, sweat under your arms can easily leave a mark on your clothes.

The stains are the result of sweat and aluminum-based deodorant rubbing on the underside of your sleeves.

These marks can withstand regular washes and even targeted stain removal.

So you'll need some pro tips if you want to shift them for good.

Laundry expert Mary Gagliardi shared her advise to save you having to throw away your white tops.

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The pro is known as Dr Laundry and is Clorox's in-house scientist and cleaning expert.

The expert advised that, where usually chlorine bleach usually shifts virtually anything, it won't help in this case, it could even make the issue worse.

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But if you're keen to know about an affective alternative, YouTuber Janice, also know as Diary of a Girly Girl, has all the info you need.

The 30-something Canadian explained that you'll need; hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a soft-bristles toothbrush, laundry detergent and water.

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Then she instructed:

1. Make a paste. Combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and water and mix until thick and spreadable.

2. Slap the stain treating paste on the "effected area".

3. Use the toothbrush to work the paste into the pits. Scrub gently so that you don't damage the fibres of the clothes.

4. Leave the paste on your clothes for as long as you can, 30 minutes will make a dent but you may need up to 24 hours for the most stubborn stains.

5. Next up rinse off the paste under cold water.

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6. Finally (or at least almost) run the top through the wash in the way you usually would and allow it to air dry.

7. And very finally, repeat if required. Sometimes you'll need to do this a couple more times to really clear things up. But you will get there.

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