I’m a midsize fashion pro – here’s what I wear when I’m too bloated to fit into jeans | The Sun

EVEN fashion pros can't squeeze into their favorite outfits sometimes.

One style expert shared her go-to ensemble for when jeans just aren't fitting right – and her favorite swap might surprise you.

Sarah Morales is a mom and clothing designer, so she knows about styling herself to get through a long day.

When Morales was facing a bloated belly, she still committed to a cute outfit and opened up to her TikTok followers about the challenge.

"You’re in for a full week of bloated outfits," she told viewers in the description of the video. "But hey, it happens to us all."

At the start of the clip, Morales stood in her underwear, wincing. "I'm over here still bloated and unable to fit into my jeans," she said.


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But instead of sweatpants or basic black pants, Morales went for a classy and daring wardrobe pick.

"I picked a pair of super high-waisted stretch leather leggings," she said, turning to show the shiny material.

Even though the bottoms were stretchy, Morales had some trouble getting them on over her bloating.

"They barely made it on, you guys," she confessed, showing the gaping at her zipper before she secured the leggings.

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Morales wore leggings from Aritzia, $138, but you can find a similar style at Old Navy for only $34– and it's available in plus sizes.

To keep things comfy, she wore an oversize, collared black sweater, which had a loose fit without seeming sloppy.

"It feels like a sweatshirt, but it looks a little bit more elevated with the collar," Morales explained.

For extra comfort, she paired the all-black ensemble with high-top Converse sneakers.

Then, she gave it a twist. "I layered it with a super oversized tan blazer, to just cover up my butt and the things that are sticking out right now," Morales said.

Her finished, all-neutral look was elegant but still easy to wear, and commenters were impressed.

"You look so good," a viewer said. "Thank you so much for this content."

"I really appreciate this week’s content as a person who is frequently bloated, wants to dress well, and not get cut in half by my pants," wrote one commenter.

"You're so amazing. I candidly can't emphasize that enough," another fan of Morales commented. "You're a confidence booster."

"Ahh thank you. That really means a lot!" Morales responded. "It can be hard to be so vulnerable with your body online but it’s worth it for women like you for sure!"

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