I’m a mum & addicted to tattoos, I get three new ones a week & people are always surprised by what I looked like before | The Sun

A MUM-OF-TWO has admitted to being a tattoo 'addict', getting three new ones a week.

Melissa Sloan, 45, from Wales began getting tattoos at the age of 20 and shared what she looked like before her transformation.

Melissa, 45, is so obsessed with getting inked that she carries a tattoo gun where ever she goes.

She previously told The Sun: ""One day I could be sat on the sofa bored and I’ll think ‘let’s go and have a fix’.

"The portable kit is great because I can take it with me. In the garden, in the car, on the bus – wherever.

"I just love the buzz. It makes me feel alive."


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The mum revealed that her obsession with tattoos, which include facial tattoos of Playboy bunnies and marijuana leaves has made it difficult for her to find a job.

While she has had some professionally, the inkings are now etched on by her partner Luke, 56, using a portable gun bought from Amazon.

And she even lets two of her primary school-age children have a go at tattooing her back.

Speaking to the Daily Star, she revealed she had her first tattoo etched into her skin 20 years ago.

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Melissa added: “I had my boyfriend’s name and then had it took off and I just built up from there.

“And I thought ‘why can’t I just go for my face and do my face’.”

She revealed she also used to wear colourful wigs but decided to ditch them and get her scalp tattooed instead.

Melissa said her mum died in 2020 aged 75 and she gave her blessing to Melissa to shroud her body in tattoos.

Melissa previously shared that she has three tattoos a week.

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She explained: "It’s like when you have a fag or a drink, you get addicted. I can’t stop it now, it's addictive, for me anyway.

“I just can’t stop it.”

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