I’m a mum-of-12 & was accused of treating my kids like DOGS because I put them on a lead | The Sun

Parenting is never easy, especially if you have a lot of little ones running around at home.

In fact, one mum-of-12 has revealed that she regularly uses a lead to keep her kids in control – despite trolls accusing her of treating them like dogs.

US influencer Britni Church is known for her big brood, regularly sharing what life is like online.

Better known as @ourlargefamilylife on social media, the 30 something has come under intense criticism for using a backpack lead with her youngest children.

In fact, one particularly cruel commenter accused the mum of treating her kids ‘like dogs’ after seeing footage of Britni’s young sons.

Despite the would-be troll spitting their dummy out, the influencer has used the backlash to explain her parenting choice.

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Taking to TikTok, the busy mum revealed that she was concerned about her kids' safety and this was the main reason she used the device.

Having prepared for every eventually, Britni admitted: “I would much rather have my children be safe and not running off in three different directions if we have to get out, then being worried about what some mother thinks.”

This wasn’t the only issue though, as the TikToker went on to explain.

Like most four year olds, her sons regularly run off to explore the world around them.

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Whilst this wouldn’t be a problem with a smaller family, having 12 children means Britni spends a lot of time ensuring her children are within safe reach.

Despite her vigilance though, the mum still worries about their safety.

Unsurprisingly, Britni revealed that her family ‘don’t get out much’ due to the intense planning needed for days out.

If that wasn’t stressful enough, she also confessed that she feels judged when she does venture out with her loved ones.

“One thing I noticed about mums of multiples, it really hard to go out in public,” she explained, adding: “You feel you are being judged.”

However, this hasn’t stopped the mum from ensuring her kids live life to the fullest and she even offered words of encouragement for other lead-using mums.

“Any mums who have a child who likes to run off and uses a leash…you’re doing amazing,” she told her followers.

It seems many parents agreed with mums sharing their own experiences of using a lead in the comments on the viral video.

“I was at the mall with my little boy and he didn’t want to be in the stroller,” recalled one user, adding: “I used a leash so he could walk.”

Britni wasn’t the only one concerned with safety, as another wrote: “I have one for my only child. Got it for Disneyworld. It takes seconds for someone to take a child even when paying attention.”

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“Exactly! They aren’t dogs…they are mom important than dogs. Keeping them safe is MORE important,” commented a third.

Here’s hoping this puts an end to the unnecessary mum shaming!

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