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IF you are a parent and feel as though everything is getting on top of you, fear not, you’ve come to the right place.

Being a parent is tough and particularly if you’ve got young children, things can often seem very overwhelming. 

But a parenting coach has come to the rescue and has shared her top tips and helpful advice for how to make life with young children that little bit easier.

So if you’ve got a toddler that is always having a tantrum and never wants to eat their dinner or get dressed for nursery in the morning, here are some useful ideas that you must try. 

Known on TikTok as 'Muddle Through Mummy', the social media mum regularly shares her parenting tips and tricks to her 288.7k TikTok followers and her latest video has impressed many.

The mum has a whopping 26.5million views on the video sharing platform and her latest video focuses on four things that she does that make her life as a mum that bit easier, including the 50p item that she swears by for dealing with a child that’s having a tantrum.

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She uploaded her parenting tip video with the caption ‘So simple but effective’.

She said: “Four simple things I do as a mum which make my life with little ones, much less stressful.

“The first one is toy rotation to keep toys fresh and in use.

“The second is a ‘no thank you’ plate to avoid struggles at meal times.

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“The third is a caddy which contains everything I need to get them ready, which contains the mess in the mornings.

“Finally, as a positive discipline parenting coach, I’m a big fan of using bubbles to distract and redirect during tantrums”. 

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This mum’s video has clearly impressed many as it has quickly racked up 34k views and over 2,000 likes. 

If you found these tips helpful and want to give them a go, toy rotation simply involves regularly moving your child's toys around, to encourage them to use different toys rather than always playing with the same ones.

A ‘no thank you’ is a small plate that you put next to your child, to encourage them to put any food that they don’t want on. 

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If you want to give the ‘caddy’ hack a try, you can pick up a box from any supermarket and bargain retailer Ikea have plenty of different styles and sizes to choose from.

What’s more, if you want to give the bubble trick a try, you can pick a pack of bubbles up from Tesco for just 50p.

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