I'm a pro cleaner – my 'task layering' tip lets you get twice as many things done in the same amount of time | The Sun

A CLEANING pro has revealed her tip that gets you twice as many things done in the same amount of time.

She described her hack as her 'layering' technique and she urged others to follow her lead.

Kendra Hennessy's (@themotherlikeaboss) TikTok is dedicated to the art of cleaning.

“Cleaning tips,”she promises her 143,000 followers. “Easier cleaning for all.”

This lady has learned a few tricks in her time and she was keen to share this one.

“I’m all about lazy cleaning," she admitted. "Instead of doing tasks one after another, we’re going to layer them.

“This tip is all about efficiency and getting twice as many things done in the same amount of time," she said.

Kendra demonstrated how it worked in her bathroom.

“If you are cleaning your bathroom the best place to start is by spraying down your shower first.

“Then let it sit and go and do something else, like cleaning the sink or the vanity or the outside of the toilet."

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She continued: “Wait for all the products in the shower to do the work.

"So when I went to clean it, it was way easier because I let the product do the work for me."

It was the same layering process in the kitchen.

"I would spray the top of the stove with a degreaser so it could sit while I did everything else making it much easier to clean the top of the stove."

Her microwave cleaning tip was her favorite.

“I use this in my kitchen pretty much weekly, cleaning the microwave without actually having to clean the microwave."

It was the perfect tip for a lazy cleaning method.

“All I do is take a microwave bowl, fill it with water, put it in my microwave, cook it for about three to four minutes and let it sit for about five to six minutes.

"The steam does the work for me so when I open the door it’s much easier to wipe out without having to scrub. This is a layering task."

She was a dedicated follower of the layering approach to household chores.

“The truth is this method saved me so much time when I was cleaning other people’s houses, and it can save you time too.”

Commenters were in agreement.

“Just bought my first home, so thankful for all of these tips and tricks," said one person.


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Another fan wrote: “Start your cleaning with a load of laundry in the washer and loading the dishwasher to run first then do the rest is a nice layering technique."

This fan said she was already doing it: “I do this. I’m a professional and didn’t know it.”

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